The home of sport

In the middle of Germany, the Landessportschule Bad Blankenburg ( further called LSSB ) is the most important sports and conference centre in Thuringia. Situated in the romantic Schwarza Valley, 
surrounded by the Thuringian Forest, its grounds are stretching over 15 ha, providing modern sports
fields, a 3.500 sq. m indoor area and 20 other multifunctional rooms.


National and international athletes as well as different sports clubs, institutions and companies make use of the school for training camps and competitions, but also for conferences and educational purposes.


LSSB provides the only four fields hall in Thuringia. In addition to our excellent sports facilities we also offer opportunities for leisure and education,  such as sauna, a recovery centre and, last but not least, a “Pub for Champions”.
Friendly and motivated employees will complete our wide range of opportunities and are looking forward to seeing you !

Your team of LSSB

Excellent training camps

for professionals and amateurs

Excellent sports facilities, 3.500 sq. m indoor fields and a varied supporting programme as well as special recovery activities offer perfect conditions for successful training.

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Holding a meeting in a modern way

in our sports and conference centre including a supporting programme

To support your events we offer multi purpose conference rooms (capacity from 10 up to 450 persons, natural light, modern equipment for communication/presentation) as well as suitable day rates, up from 30,- € per person.

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Our Team - together in motion

School trips class 1 to 10

Combine fun and motion to improve social skills, team spirit and self-confidence.

Choose the right programme for your class.

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