How to get to LSSB

By train, by bus or by car – LSSB is easy to reach from everywhere in Germany. The fastest way is to leave motorway 71 at exit Stadtilm and to follow the direction Rudolstadt/Saalfeld

by plane

Airport Erfurt – connected to motorway 71 – for more information see “by car”

by car

  • motorway 9 from north and south
    •   leave motorway 9 at exit Triptis and follow the signposts showing the direction Neustadt-Pößneck – Saalfeld to Bad Blankenburg
  •   motorway 4 – from Frankfurt / Main
    • change from motorway 4 to motorway 71 at Erfurt motorway junction, direction Schweinfurt leave motorway 71 at exit Stadtilm, follow the signposts showing the direction Rottenbach –Bad Blankenburg
  • motorway 4 – from Dresden
    • leave motorway 4 at exit Jena-Göschwitz and follow road 88 to Bad Blankenburg

In Bad Blankenburg roads from all directions are signposted to lead you to LSSB

by train

leave the intercity express train at the railway station Saalfeld.
There’s a regular commuter service between the railway stations of Saalfeld and Bad Blankenburg.
In Bad Blankenburg LSSB is within a walking distance of about 400 metres.

Landessportschule Bad Blankenburg

Wirbacher Str. 10
07422 Bad Blankenburg
Telefon: +49 036741 620
Telefax: +49 036741 62510