Indoor sports facilities

A very important part of the LSSB are the different-sized sports halls, each of them with highest functionality  and up-to-date equipment, so that you’ll find best conditions for national and international training camps and competitions.



Sports halls

We provide indoor areas of more than 3.500 sq. m, among them a hall with 4 fields and another one with 2 fields, both with up-to-date equipment. For analytical purposes  there are, for example, the video system “Coaching Eye” and an electronic whiteboard.

The 4 fields hall has a maximum size of 60x27 metres and an audience gallery for 500 people.
The 2 fields hall has a maximum size of 39x20 metres, both halls are equipped with floor heating.


The light flooded gym of 245 sq. m is the perfect place not only for gymnastics but also for competitive dancing. There’s a large-sized mirror wall and a professional music system.

Hall for martial arts

Judo, Wrestling, Karate….. our hall for martial arts offers good conditions for all these kinds of sport, but also for meditative sports, on a field of 100 sq. m. If needed, we will create  larger areas in our 4 fields hall.



Fitness Centre

We offer different ways to improve your personal fitness. On an area of 120 sq. m you’ll find a wide range of exercise equipment, up to 30 people can do exercises at the same time. Large mirrors allow to control and correct your exercises.

In addition there’s a special equipment to do exercises for improving the cardiovascular system.



Hall for apparatus gymnastics

The hall is part of the indoor area and provides all equipment to do apparatus gymnastics.

Equipment of the sports hall:

  • Bungee trampoline 
  • pommel horse
  • vault
  • balance beam 
  • parallel bars
  • asymetric bars
  • uneven bars
  • climbing poles / climbing ropes
  • wall bars
  • mobile trampoline
  • and much more...
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