Champions Pub

We invite you to visit our Champions’ Pub in the afternoon or in the evening. While having a delicious meal or an excellent drink (even a pint of Guinness) you can watch sports on TV (licensed Sky Sports Bar)

Here you will find our current drinks menu (in German)

Please send your inquiries and reservations for our Champions Pub to gastronomie@sportschule-bb.de

Opening hours

Mon - Thu 5.00 pm until midnight
Fri 5.00 pm until 1.00 am
Sat 2.30 pm until 1.00 am
Sun 2.30 pm until 10.00 pm

Landessportschule Bad Blankenburg

Wirbacher Str. 10
07422 Bad Blankenburg
Telefon: +49 036741 620
Telefax: +49 036741 62510