Programme modules

Different modules allow to create special offers for all participants. Based on the idea to discover new sports in a joyful and funny way, all modules can be adapted  to meet the needs of the target group.

Team training

Varied actions away from everyday life will activate the group’s team spirit and will develop the key competences of each participant. Regarding the individual skills we will widen the experiential
horizon to make a group become a team.
Challenging games allow the participants to get to know the other group members better and more intensive.
Every team has to find solutions for different tasks and problems. Mutual trust, communication and coherency will be strengthened.

Building a raft

Have you ever built a raft ? We offer the opportunity to do it. Building a raft needs cooperation to creativity, the right task to improve the team spirit of your team.

GPS team tour

Supported by GPS equipment you’ll have to find different targets, finally you’ll raise a treasure.

Mountain biking

The beautiful and romantic Schwarza Valley offers several biking tracks through forests and meadows. Experienced guides will lead you to the attractions like the Schwarzburg Castle or up the mountain peaks.


A fascinating old sport that became very popular in the recent years. Learn what it needs to hit the mark. You can do a few exercises but also a competition.


Do you want to be a biathlete once ? No problem, you don’t have to wait for snow. Skiing will be replaced by biking or a steeplechase, for shooting you’ll use a laser gun.

Other modules

  • cross golf indoor and outdoor
  • workshops, for example table tennis, badminton, beach volleyball…
  • any other idea ?  We’ll find a qualified coach for you
  • night walk
  • treasure hunt
  • yoga, water gymnastics, relaxation exercises etc.

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